Wireless axle load monitoring based on GNOM S7 axle load sensors

Wireless axle load monitoring based on GNOM S7 axle load sensors

Weight of cargo transported in semi-trailer presses axles of vehicle. Axle overload leads to a direct reduction of vehicle durability – suspension and brake system break down ahead of time. In addition, the engine runs with a heavier workload and that leads to increased diesel fuel consumption. Also, exceeding maximum allowed axle load (regulated by legislation) may result in an imposition of fines by transport inspectorate or weighing station.

From the other hand, underload means inefficient usage of vehicles when costs per unit of transported cargo are increased and that causes transportation company profitability drop since a truck still burns fuel, wear and tear of the vehicle occurs, and the driver keeps getting paid.

How to optimize cargo loading, avoid breakdowns and stop paying fines?

Install axle load monitoring system (also called – vehicle weight monitoring system), based on axle load/weight sensors for trucks, GPS tracker and online fleet management service for data storage and display.

Axle load monitoring system helps to check current rear axle load of a freight truck and/or a semi-trailer, optimally distribute cargo inside semi-trailer or carriage body, and detect when the maximum permissible axle load is reached.

Thanks to data from axle load control system, a fleet manager can check current axle load of all vehicles in a fleet any time and also can generate reports for a selected time period.

Data from axle load sensors displayed on telematics service

  • Number of cargo loadings and unloadings
  • Loading/unloading events’ location and time
  • Detection of underhand cargo
  • Total cargo weight and total vehicle weight
  • Excess of load per axle and overall vehicle overload

GNOM S7 wireless axle load sensors

In 2019, Technoton has presented the novelty – GNOM S7 wireless axle load sensors with Bluetooth Low Energy. The core feature of GNOM S7 sensors is the absence of power wires and cable for data transmission to telematics unit (GPS tracker). The devices employ S7 Technology for wireless data gathering, and transfer data using “BLE-radio” mode to many devices simultaneously: GPS tracker, smartphones, tablets, in-cabin displays.

GNOM S7 are installed quick and easy (compared with “classic” axle load sensors with cable), because does not require to spend time for cabling/wiring . In addition, information from the sensor is always available and does not depend on the state of vehicle ignition – GNOM S7 is equipped with built-in battery.

GNOM DP S7 wireless cargo weight sensor is installed on rear axle/bogie of truck/semi-trailer with leaf spring suspension and measures axle shift when axle load is changing.

Wireless axle load sensor for leaf spring suspension

GNOM DDE S7 wireless truck axle load sensor is installed in air cylinder or compressed air line of suspension and measures pressure of compressed air in pneumatic system.

Wireless axle load sensor for air suspension

Core features of GNOM S7:

  • wireless data transfer using S7 Technology via BLE-channel
  • fast and easy integration in vehicle tracking system
  • data is sent to GPS tracker and to the smartphone simultaneously
  • power supply from battery up to 5 years
  • explosion and fire safety without additional intrinsic safety barrier
  • no cables – improved resistance to vandalism or accidental damage
  • self-diagnosis function for operation quality monitoring (GNOM S7 DDE)

How BLE axle load measurement devices work in telematics system

GNOM S7 vehicle weight sensors can be used as a part of vehicle tracking system or as an independent solution for axle load measurement.

Together with other sensors based on S7 Technology (wireless DUT-E S7 fuel level sensor and wireless DFM S7 fuel flow meter)  GNOM S7 axle load sensors compose S7 wireless network when mounted on one object. Inside the network, each device has a unique address and sends data to GPS tracker.

GNOM S7 devices do not store data on axle load in an internal memory of the settings. Profile of the settings is being saved in the memory of the Receiver – telematics unit/GPS tracker or smartphone.

Axle load monitor mobile application

Axle Load Monitor mobile application allows the driver and/or mechanic of the fleet to monitor vehicle weight sensor’s readings on a smartphone and get notifications on exceeding axle load limits. Monitored parameters:

  • axle load,
  • weight of cargo,
  • place of loading/unloading,
  • exceeding limits of axle load,
  • air pressure and temperature in pneumatic system (GNOM DDE S7)

Monitoring data on smartphone with Axle load monitor mobile application

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