Axle load monitoring system: make your vehicle fleet more efficient reducing maintenance costs

Axle load monitoring

What are the main items of your budget if you own fleet of vehicles? While you are thinking about combustibles and lubricants expenses, expenses for technical services and maintenance costs sneak up on you.

Think of freight truck’s axles – they are exposed to stresses all the time, that’s why installation of axle monitoring system may help to avoid breakdowns, optimize cargo loading and stop paying fines for exceeding maximum axle load anymore. The system is based on GNOM axle load sensor, that sends data through a GPS tracker to online monitoring system and/or to onboard driver’s display.

Axle load tracking is more relevant for freight truck, dump trucks, garbage trucks, but can also be installed on the axle of city buses, light-duty trucks and municipal vehicles. Technoton solutions based on GNOM comply with European quality standards and are intended for improve the profitability of vehicle fleet.

 Still suffering from high operational costs of vehicle fleet?

You are managing your own vehicle fleet and extremely want to have immediate direct access to all information about cargo transportation process, aren’t you? Often, you catch yourself thinking on how to explore a new way to reduce expenses. Actually, such a way truly exists: vehicle fleet operational costs could be cut down. But you must make vehicle operation process much clearer and more optimized.

 Axle load and weight monitoring system

Constant axle load monitoring provides an opportunity to keep costs down. How to install axle monitoring system?

Cargo weight monitoring system consists of axle load sensors, which should be mounted on the most loaded axle and sometimes both on the rear axle/rear bogie and front axle of vehicle. Load monitoring system allows the owners of fleet of agricultural machinery, public transport, commercial vehicles and trucks, construction machines to monitor cargo transportation process in details.

Now it is conceivable to receive data like that:

  • Excess of load per axle and overall vehicle overload
  • Number of cargo loadings and unloadings
  • Loading/unloading events’ location on map, with time stamp
  • Total cargo weight and total vehicle weight

Considering data received from axle load sensors you may:

  • Avoid overloads and reduce depreciation of vehicles and transport facilities
  • Keep a tight rein on your drivers, who could carry underhand cargo
  • Verify the cargo weight correctly and avoid paying off traffic fines for overloaded vehicles

If you have decided to install an axle monitoring system, be sure, it will trigger saving.

Axle monitoring system benefits

How does the axle monitoring system work?

  1. Front axle load is insignificant comparing with rear axle (rear bogie) load created by the weight of the vehicle body (loading platform) and carried cargo. That’s why axle load sensor should be mounted on the rear axle/rear bogie and occasionally on the rear axle/rear bogie and front axle both.
  2. Load sensors pass to telematics unit (GPS tracker) the information on raising or lowering axle load.
  3. Vehicle tracking system with the help of GPS signal determines the location and time of Event.
  4. As a result, the user of a system (mechanic, fleet manager or fleet owner) receives information about changes in load per axle in the form of parameters or diagrams.

GNOM DDE pressure sensor is used to determine the axle load of vehicles equipped with air suspension systems. This air suspension pressure sensor measures the pressure in the vehicle pneumatic system and transmits data as an analog signal to telematics tracker.

GNOM DP position sensor is designed for measuring axle and cargo load on vehicles with leaf spring suspension. Position tracking sensor GNOM DP measures shift of frame in relation to axle, which varies depending on the mass of the cargo, and generates voltage output signal.

Axle load sensors by Technoton can be integrated with CANUp Online telematics gateway and MasterCAN Display 35.  If necessary, axle load sensors can also be connected to any monitoring terminal via an analog input.

Main Arguments in Favor of the Axle monitoring system installation

So, what are the essential arguments in favor of Axle monitoring system by Technoton? Totally, what will you get? Capability to:

  • Reduce expenses on vehicle maintenance and component overhaul caused by overloads of the vehicles.
  • Decrease mileage by imposing prohibition against excessive vehicle depreciation and carrying underhand cargo.
  • Bring in severe operational restrictions for cargo transportation customers showing information about exceeding the maximum rated axle load on onboard display.
  • Stop paying off traffic fines for overloaded vehicles.
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