BLE Technoton fuel level sensors are compatible with Xirgo Global trackers

GPS trackers XG3780U XtCAN and XG4780 designed by Xirgo Global – now are compatible with DUT-E S7 fuel level sensors via wireless data transfer based on Bluetooth Low energy standard – S7 Technology.

During the tests high-precision of the joint measurement of the fuel level has been confirmed, the maximum error is no more than 1%. Devices expand the capabilities of the telematics system when integrated into one monitoring system: data transfer to several devices using BLE-radio (i.e. simultaneously to telematics unit and smartphone, easy and quick installation long service life from built-in battery, fire- and explosion-safety of sensor.

Technoton sensors are compatible with Xirgo Global trackers

Xirgo Global is one of the largest providers of Telematics & IoT Solutions in the Baltic States. Headquartered in US and Kaunas, Lithuania, the company provides a full range of global IoT products for OEM and Aftermarket transport, Reefer, Trailer and Cargo monitoring. Our hardware can be integrated to major software platforms. Core businesses of Xirgo Global are: manufacturing of GNSS tracking equipment, providing Custom IoT Solutions: designing, developing, manufacturing, providing Fleet management services in territory of Lithuania, developing various telemetry solutions and applications.

Declaration of Compatibility of BLE-sensors with Xirgo Global trackers

Declarations were signed on compatibility of Technoton Bluetooth sensors: DUT-E S7 and Xirgo Global trackers: XG3780U XtCAN and XG4780. Complete instructions for setting up the equipment are available for download in the Technoton Center document.

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