ISOBUS protocol is implemented in agricultural machinery telematics by Technoton

ISOBUS protocol is implemented in agricultural machinery telematics by Technoton

ISO 11783, ISO bus or ISOBUS – is a communication protocol for the agriculture industry based on SAE J1939 protocol (which includes CAN bus). The main importance of ISO bus is possibility of electronic control of attached equipment and auxiliary, tractor-drawn implements, assemblies of which are connected to CAN bus and transmit their current settings and parameters there. Mechanic operates attached equipment directly from tractor’s cab using electrical display-terminal.

ISOBUS contains more than 7 thousand operating parameters of agricultural vehicles. Except «classical» parameters like total fuel consumption, the temperature of cooling liquid, it also contains data on the operation of attached equipment, settings and condition of ploughs, planters, mowers, cultivators, potato planters, winnowers, sprayers, etc. By adding ISOBUS protocol to S6 telematics interface the number of transmitted parameters has been increased by 3 times from 3800 to 10000+, that enhance the capacity of Technoton agricultural vehicles telematics.

Now CANUp 27 telematics gateway can receive up to 6278 SPN and 1019 PGN additionally from ISOBUS – monitored operating parameters of agricultural machinery, and then analyze gathered data onboard and, after that, transmit data to monitoring server.

What are the benefits from ISOBUS data analysis in agricultural machinery telematics?

Remote monitoring of conditions and parameters of attached equipment and auxiliary operation, control of correctness of set adjustments, allows a fleet of agricultural vehicles to improve the quality of work performed, to plan timely maintenance of machinery and optimize costs on repair, and also to implement incentive scheme for employees to stimulate the growth of work performance.

Transmitting data on how attachments work and about their condition to a server or software for precision farming, you can achieve a significant increase in the quality of agricultural works – ploughing, sowing, irrigating etc. Onboard data analysis of ISOBUS messages provides an opportunity to get immediate messages on malfunctions and errors detected (for example, a nozzle of the sprayer does not work). You may complete software solutions for precise farming with ISOBUS data, that result in an increase in clarity of works, carried out and also to achieve a serious increase in productivity of agricultural machinery.

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