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We invite vehicle telematics system providers to enter heavy-duty machinery telematics market with Technoton’s advanced vehicle telematics system, based on unique S6 Technology. S6 technology allows combining onboard devices into a single network, employing common data transfer protocol and standardized cabling system for power supply, configuration and data sending from onboard devices to a telematics unit (e.g. to CANUp online telematics gateway).

“Classic” vehicle telematics market is saturated with solution for road vehicle. Majority of tracking system providers offer “tracking unit+FLS + 3-4 FMS parameters (sometimes)” as a panacea for all cases.

For heavy-duty vehicles – construction, agricultural, technological equipment, quarrying & mining machinery, locomotives and railway machines, river and sea vessels – advanced telematics system is needed.

Advanced vehicle telematics system by Technoton gives opportunity to solve extraordinary tasks of heavy-duty sophisticated machinery owners and operators – from measuring fuel consumption and engine operating time per individual technological operation to monitoring transmission and power take off operating modes, as well as operating status of attached / trailed equipment.

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