Technoton Events 2017 Digest

In a day-to-day mess one can easily miss interesting and important news from telematics world, so we offer you a brief overview of interesting Technoton events in 2017.

New products.

In 2017 we’ve introduced several new products: May – DFM Marine fuel flow meter, June – DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor for biodiesel; September – CANUp online telematics gateway. In addition, a new generation of DUT-E GSM smart fuel level sensors was launched.

DFM Marine
DFM Marine – fuel flow meters for big engines, product line is represented by three modifications according to fuel consumption: up to 1000 liters per hour (L/h), 2000 L/h, 4000 L/h. Field of application for these flow meters – river and smaller sea vessels, rail machinery, quarrying and mining equipment, huge gensets and burners. While measuring chamber is always made of brass, DFM Marine’s body can be either made of brass or duralumin. More details here.

DUT-E 2Bio
DUT-E 2Bio – fuel level sensor, designed for monitoring of regular diesel fuel, biodiesel and other types of mineral fuel filed in fuel tanks. Main feature of DUT-E 2Bio – third measuring electrode, which detects change in specifications of measured fuel. Why is it needed? Watch here.

CANUp 27 – online telematics gateway able to gather and process up to 3500 vehicle operation parameters. Main feature of CANUp – data processing “on board”, i.e. processing raw parameters into ready-for-use Reports about vehicle operation. At the same time, using S6 technology it is possible to connect 8 pieces of DFM fuel flow meters, 8 pieces of DUT-E fuel level sensors, FMSCrocodile contactless FMS-gateway and MasterCAN DAC digital-to-analog converters – such a huge set of equipment allows to deploy telematics system for sophisticated machines used in mining and quarrying, railroad, construction and other special fields.


Workshop is a best way to convey information to prospects and partners and understand their thoughts on what is going on local vehicle telematics market. That’s why we run a series of workshops in different cities each year. This year there were 10 workshops: Moscow, Irkutsk, Almaty, Kazan, Astana, Yekaterinburg, Kiev, Saint-Petersburg, Riga and certainly Minsk.

Idea of workshops is to share opinions, networking and what is the most important – to get feedback on our products from integration companies. Integrator’s knowledge and experience help us to improve our existing products, find new unresolved tasks and developed solution for those tasks.


Technical department issued 108 new certificates confirming qualification of sensor installation specialists – that means, there 108 more qualified technicians, who are able to install Technoton products on machinery.

In addition, Technical department engineers visited 4 continents, where they carried out supervised installations, some of the countries are: Latvia, Colombia, Algeria, India. Supervised installation is a way of technical training, when engineers help our integration partners to install equipment on fleet owner’s vehicles, on the way training integration partner’s specialists on all details related to Technoton products. Supervised training is a suitable way of training for those companies, who cannot visit our headquarters in Minsk.

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