GNOM axle load sensor installation on a garbage truck – on-site installation supervision in Malaysia

More than 630 people from 29 countries have passed a technical training in Minsk and got certificates proving their qualification in installation of telematics hardware. In most cases technical training takes no longer than 3-5 days in Minsk – the theory is studied in a specially-equipped classroom, practice is carried out on vehicles in a garage.

In case Technoton’s client has no possibility to come to Minsk for the training, our engineers from Technical Department will go to client’s region in order to run on-site installation supervision.

On-site installation supervision is a training of two parts – theoretical and practical. Theory of how install and configure fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters or other selected product line of Technoton hardware, and also a practical part: hardware installation on the vehicle, provided by the client. First unit of telematics hardware is installed is by Technoton engineer, who is commenting each step in detail. After that, trainees are install ing the hardware on their own, but under the supervision and guidance of the engineer.

On-site installation supervision in Malaysia

Last week our engineer returned from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

For 2 days he has been conducting training for new Partner of Technoton on how to work with GNOM, CANUp and MasterCAN product lines.

The first day was devoted to the theory of installing and configuring GNOM DP axle load sensors, CANUp telematics gateways, and MasterCAN Display 35 CAN display. The second day was dedicated to mounting of garbage truck monitoring system and axle load monitoring on Isuzu FVR.

Technical training in mounting of axle load sensors on a garbage truck

Technoton hardware was installed on a garbage truck to solve the main tasks of municipal vehicles tracking: monitoring of axle load, detection of place and time of loading and unloading of the garbage.

Axle load sensor installation on a garbage truck

5 specialists from the customer’s side were able to observe the procedure in detail, and gained practical experience in the proper installation and configuration of hardware, which ensures maximum accuracy of the data received.

Now they are going to use the acquired knowledge to realize installation and adjustment of telematics hardware for a whole fleet of municipal vehicles and also when mounting telematics on other machines.

Team of installers with Technoton engineer

Technoton solutions for garbage truck monitoring

The main tasks are to determine the degree of workload of equipment, monitor the passage of vehicles along the route and geofences, prevent unloading of garbage in forbidden places. And also:

  • prevention of fines for excess axle load
  • reduction in fuel costs (theft prevention)
  • optimization of maintenance costs
  • monitoring of engine operating time in various modes
  • remote monitoring of the technical condition of the garbage truck
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