High qualification of technical team=competitive advantage

How can a telematics system provider earn more?

Firstly, install high-quality telematics hardware, functional and reliable – so a customer’s expectations will be met and even exceeded.
Secondly, carry out a high-quality installation of the equipment, providing high efficiency and long-term operation of vehicle tracking system.

To implement the second point – it is necessary to ensure constant improvement of technician’s qualification and develop skills of a technical team. Especially if you want to achieve maximum data accuracy from fuel sensors, axle load sensors and other measuring equipment for mobile and stationary machinery telematics.

Installation by technical team lacking qualification may lead to:

  • loss of profit due to an increased number of warranty cases connected to improper installation
  • constant high labor costs for telematics system installation
  • profit loss because of inability to implement more complex projects

In addition to material losses, low qualification of installers entails risks of damaging reputation of telematics company’s brand – later on in will be hard to restore it. That is why training of newcomers and knowledge and skills improvement of experienced technicians is a “must have” for any telematics system provider.

5 arguments for qualified installation

Technical Training at Technoton

Training at Technoton gives you an opportunity to get all the necessary knowledge about the proper installation and configuration of telematics and vehicle tracking equipment for vehicles and stationary objects.

Our Technical Department carries out training for telematics technicians – theoretical part is in our specially equipped training center, and practical training is done using real machines located in Minsk (Belarus). In case trainees have no possibility to visit our training center, Technoton engineers also make On-site installation supervision, which involves a quick trip to your location to conduct practical training of your specialists straight at the machinery you’ll need to equip in future projects.

Everyone, who have successfully completed training, get a certificate confirming qualification upgrade. Read more about Technical Training program and On-site Installation Supervision.Company-issued Technical Training at Technoton

Why to go for a Technical training to Technoton?

Of course, training for telematics technicians demands financial and time costs – a trip to Minsk, training, absence of specialists from the workplace while they are being trained.

As transport telematics industry advances, telematics hardware is developing and is being complemented by new features and advantages. To have up-to-date technical knowledge means to be able to choose the right set of hardware for each project, correctly install and configure hardware on vehicle so that the customer can receive accurate and reliable data.

  1. improve quality of telematics system installation and configuration, reduce number of errors in installation of fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters and other hardware
  2. reduce quantity of warranty cases related to improper installation
  3. increase labor productivity – more installation for the same period of time
  4. get profit from winning and completing more complex projects involving wide range of telematics equipment

All this ultimately leads to the desired result: increase of telematics company’s profits and strengthening the reputation of a reliable vehicle tracking system integrator.

In case you have no no possibility to come to Minsk for the training, our engineers will go to your region to run on-site installation supervision.

Learn more about how on-site installation supervision is carryied out in the article GNOM axle load sensor installation on a garbage truck – on-site installation supervision in Malaysia

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