Technoton workshop in Mexico City

Technoton workshop in Mexico 2021

Technoton held a workshop for partners in Mexico on November 1st, 2021, just one day before Expo Seguridad 2021 exhibition start. Despite cancellation of the events in 2020 and lasting travel limitations this year, we decided not to postpone long-awaited trip to Mexico for one more year and came to CDMX to visit our partners.

The workshop ran for one day – we talked about new Technoton products, discussed challenges and approaches in advanced machinery telematics segment, and the most active participants had a chance to “play” with the new product during the training in the very end of the event.

Predictably, the biggest buzz was around DUT-E S7 wireless BLE fuel level sensors. Bluetooth 4.x becomes more and more popular communication standard in telematics, more sensors and telematics units employ BLE connectivity.

Fuel monitoring at Technoton workshop in Mexico

We also discussed experience of using DUT-E 2Bio differential fuel level sensor – one of our partners offered an opinion, that this sensor is the most accurate fuel tank monitoring sensor at the moment. The significant feature of DUT-E 2Bio is its ability of continuous automatic measurement correction, what ensures high data accuracy not just when refueling a tank, but at any moment and regardless of remaining fuel level inside tank.

Surely, that opinion pushed the conversation towards the controversy of acceptability of fuel consumption measurement using fuel level sensors, and in turn a topic of direct fuel consumption measurement with fuel flow meters shown up.

As usual, at the very end of the event, we held training in configuring Technoton products for vehicle telematics and remote object monitoring systems. And of course, each time we go for exhibition or other event we take “Telematics” trainer with us – it helps a lot!

Teleamtics system set up training at Technoton workshop in Mexico

We are grateful to everybody who took part in Technoton workshop! It was a great pleasure to see our colleagues once again and meet new Technoton partners in person. And those, who feel they still have something to ask or discuss, can visit us at booth #2440 at Expo Seguridad 2021 – we will be happy to see you there!

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