“Advanced machinery telematics” workshop in South Africa. Final report

“Advanced machinery telematics” workshop in South Africa

Technoton ran “Advanced machinery telematics” workshop on May 30, 2022, in Johannesburg, South Africa. This year, more than 30 solution providers – partners from different African countries came to the event to learn more about new Technoton devices and technologies, learn how to set up our hardware.

In the theoretical part of the workshop, our team presented:

  1. New products for telematics and IIoT. Overview of product changes in 2019-2022.
  2. Advanced machinery telematics – highly profitable market segment. Benefits for the fleet owner and system providers.
  3. S6 Technology – a tool for advanced machinery telematics. Benefits of implementing S6 Technology.
  4. S7 — Technology of wireless data gathering from autonomous sensors within industrial and automotive telematics. Overview of wireless fuel level sensors and fuel flow meters with Bluetooth.
  5. Business cases. Examples of implementation of telematics systems in various industries: bus monitoring, gensets, vessels, truck tankers, mining equipment – with results and feedback by customers.

The best part of our workshop was teamwork on connecting and configuring fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters and other devices using S6 Technology. Participants of the workshop actively assembled telematics system and set up S6 units through service programs.

Setting up CANUp telematics gateway for detecting quick Events, generating Alarms and Reports was another theme, to which we paid special attention. The most active workshop participants got some answers on the use and configuration of wireless sensors with S7 Technology.

It was so good to see you again in Johannesburg, South Africa!

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