Wireless fuel flow meters: same accuracy, quicker installation

Wireless fuel flow meters: same accuracy, quicker installation

DFM fuel flow meters – smart devices for accurate measurement of real engine total fuel used, understand how much fuel was spent in idling, normal and overload operation and how long an engine was working in each of those operation modes.

Implementation of DFM fuel flow meters allow fleet managers to:

Why BLE connectivity for DFM flow meters?

Wireless DFM flow meter on a boat

In spite DFM flow meters with wired S6 Technology is a flagship product line of Technoton, there are some unique advantages of wireless DFM S7 flow meters with BLE connectivity.

  1. Quicker installation.
    BLE connectivity saves installation time by excluding ant cabling works. Data is directly received by a telematics unit or other data gathering device with Bluetooth 4.X
  2. Fire-safety without additional IS barriers.
    DFM S7 have built-in battery and requires no external power connection and extra protection equipment for operation in hazardous areas.
  3. BLE-radio data sending to multiple receivers.
    DFM S7 fuel flow meter broadcasts data to all nearby devices simultaneously – telematics units, GPS trackers, displays, smartphones and tablets. Learn more on mobile app for smartphones/tablets.
  4. NMEA2000 data protocol.
    The flow meters send data to MasterCAN S7 NMEA converter, which transforms wireless BLE signal into NMEA 2000 protocol for data integration with marine electronics.

Types of flow meters on S7 Technology (BLE, Bluetooth)

Where DFM S7 flow meters with BLE can be used?

There are several models of DFM flow meters with BLE, which suit various diesel engines types and models of 1-4000 liters per hour fuel flow rate.
DFM S7 signal range is up to 45 meters. Measurement accuracy error is 0.5-3% depending on model.

That means, DFM S7 can be used for different types of machinery – trucks and highway vehicles, off-road equipment, construction and agriculture machinery, water crafts, diesel generators and other mobile and stationary machinery.

There is an option of making a body of brass – corrosion-resistant material for sea vessels.

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