Why DFM flow meter is the optimal solution for diesel generator fuel control?

DFM flow meter for fuel control of diesel generators

1. Genset fuel consumption and remaining volume monitoring

Diesel generators are usually equipped with a flat tank, which makes fuel control using level sensors problematic and less accurate. At the same time, fuel monitoring with flow meter provides accurate data on instant, total and differential fuel consumption, and also allows calculating level in a tank and ensures timely refueling.

Graph of fuel level change in generator tank using DFM and level sensor

2. Genset monitoring for engine hours and operation modes

DFM flowmeters monitor engine operation time in Idling, Optimal, Overload modes and allow accurate accounting of engine hours.

Fuel consumption graph by engine operating modes

3. Genset maintenance optimization

Reporting on fuel consumption and engine operating conditions helps to identify need for replacement of consumables in a timely manner, which optimizes and reduces repair and maintenance costs.

Fuel flow meter in the preventive maintenance system

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