Tanker trucks fuel monitoring

DFM fuel flow meters for light and medium fuel tanker and truck unit

Truck unit flow meters

Single-chamber and differential DFM fuel flow meters with range of 1 – 4000 l/h

Tanker flow meters

DFM Industrial fuel flow meters with measurement range of 0.72 – 25 m³/h

  • Accounting for total amount of fuel dispensed.
  • Resettable counter — accounting for individual dispensed portions of fuel.
  • Relative accuracy error +- 0.5%.
  • Wired and autonomous.
  • Threaded or flange connection.

Comprehensive fuel monitoring system for fuel trucks

The most effective solution for fuel control in compartments of light and medium fuel trucks is combination of data from DUT-E fuel level sensors and DFM fuel flow meters.

  1. Fuel level and temperature control in each compartment.
  2. Detecting changes in types/compositions of fuel in compartments.
  3. Monitoring of fuel volumes dispensed from tanks.
  4. “Binding” fuel delivery events to places of stops.
  5. Truck monitoring: fuel consumption and remaining fuel in tank, detection and elimination of engine and fuel system malfunctions at early stages of occurrence.

As a result, fleet manager and technicians can exclude attempts of unauthorized manipulation with fuel, understand real fuel consumption of a truck, monitor condition of fuel system and engine, receive reports and alerts in real time.

Useful cases on fuel monitoring

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