8 improvements of DFM Marine flow meters in 2020

DFM Marine flow meter is a reliable and accurate meter for fuel consumption measurement and operating time monitoring of high-power fuel systems of heavy machinery. Technoton is constantly working to improve design and functionality of products. Improvements of 2020:

1. Enhanced protection of meter’s body against corrosion by using new coating technology, increased resistance to mechanical damage.

2. Ventilation valve is installed at the end-face of the body, which provides protection against the formation of internal condensate during operation in severe operating conditions – wide temperature and humidity differences.

3. Installation has become easier and more convenient – now DFM Marine has a swivel flange for mounting in fuel systems of water and railway transport, as well as in stationary fuel supply systems.

4. Expanded working fluid temperature range – DFM Marine can operate with fuel temperature up to +150°С. For example, this is necessary for marine fuel systems where heating oil is used.

5. Received a world-class ABS certificate – American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approval certificate.

6. Improved accuracy of fuel consumption measuring in “long” systems, where a long time delay between the passage of fuel in supply and return fuel lines exists.

7. DFM Marine fuel flow meters Certificates of Conformity:
– European RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
– European 2014/30/EU Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

8. Updated list of messages and composition of data output from DFM Marine CAN fuel flow meters sent over CAN j1939/S6 interface.

Overview of a new DFM Marine fuel flow meter

Tasks solved by DFM Marine

  • Increasing transparency of fuel consumption accounting
  • Preventing fuel theft and fuel overburning
  • Monitoring operating modes of engine or other fuel consumer
  • Planning maintenance according to the actual operating time (in litres/hours) of the consumer
  • Diagnostics of fuel system condition and detection of malfunctions

DFM Marine application

DFM Marine flow meters are used as part of machinery telematics systems (GPS/GLONASS monitoring of water transport and railway transport, construction and agricultural machinery) and remote monitoring of stationary objects (monitoring of diesel generators, boiler equipment, mini gas stations).

DFM Marine functionality:

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Sea and river vessel telematics
Diesel generator monitoring system
Fuel storage tanks
Smart agriculture: granary
Monitoring of mining equipment
Digital drilling rig
Fuel sensor for complex tank
Railroad machinery monitoring
Bus monitoring system
Agricultural machinery
Garbage truck monitoring
Tanker truck monitoring
Truck telematics



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