DFM Marine fuel flow meters are certified with American Bureau of Shipping ABS

DFM Marine fuel flow meters for heavy machinery with flow rate up to 4,000 L/h, that are used as a part of telematics system for sea and river watercrafts, have received a world-class ABS certificateAmerican Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Now this hardware for fuel monitoring by Technoton is recommended for use on a sea, river vessels and other water transport anywhere in the world. DFM Marine fuel flow meters do not adversely affect the fuel system of vessel and boat engines and do not interfere with the operation of marine equipment.

DFM Marine ABS certificate

Who are you, Mr. DFM Marine?

DFM Marine  –  fuel flow meters (fuel flow sensor) and diesel fuel counters for heavy machinery with flow rate up to 4,000 L/h. The main functionality of DFM Marine is  fuel consumption monitoring and recognition (recording) of engine operating time of sea and river watercrafts, railway machines, quarrying and mining machinery, powerful diesel generators, boilers, burners.

DFM Marine fuel counter: fields of application

DFM Marine fuel flow meter is installed in a fuel line of an engine and directly measures fuel consumption. DFM Marine’s body is made either from duralumin (lighter and cheaper) or brass (heavier, corrosion-resistant) and with thread/flange connection. Measured liquid operating temperature is up to 150C.

The units have internal memory for data storage (total fuel used, total operating time, +40 other counters) and produced with various output signals: RS232/RS485 (ASCII and Modbus), CAN j1939/S6 (+NMEA 2000), pulse. DFM Marine sends Parameters and Counters of fuel consumption to GPS tracking units, IoT gateways, displays and controllers of SCADA-systems.

DFM Marine fuel flow meters – examples of efficiency:

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