Explosion-proof wireless fuel level sensors for truck tankers

Fuel monitoring in the cisterns of truck tankers demands installation of special telematics system. Since transportation of diesel fuel, kerosene, gasoline may be fire-dangerous, fuel level sensors, that are mounted in the compartments of truck tankers, have to be certified as explosion-protected and fire safe.

DUT-E S7 as a part of truck tankers telematics

Due to the presence of wires, intended to connect hardware and devices, earlier the installation of truck tankers telematics system for fuel monitoring in each compartment of the cistern was related to significant risks. There was a danger of ignition of the contents of the fuel cistern from disruptive spark, if the integrity of the wires is violated.

Technoton has designed DUT-E S7 wireless fuel level sensors (based on S7 Technology), that transfer data on fuel volume “by air” – via Bluetooth low energy (BLE). The absence of wires excludes the risk of ignition. There is no power wire and cable for transmission of data to telematics terminal/GPS tracker.

 Monitoring transportation of flammable liquids with DUT-E S7 fuel sensor

DUT-E S7 wireless sensors received “Explosion protection certificate” — reliable confirmation of the possibility of safe sensor operation in explosion dangerous environments. Now to solve the task “online monitoring of cistern of truck tanker” you do not have to conflict with vehicle security policy.

Advantages of DUT-E S7 fuel sensor for truck tankers monitoring

The absence of wires provides the main advantage of DUT-E S7 over classic fuel level sensors with cables – explosive safety, confirmed by “Explosion protection certificate”. No signal cables – no risk of ignition of fuel fumes from disruptive spark.

Other advantages of DUT-E S7:

  • data is sent to several devices at the same time in BLE-radio mode: telematics unit /GPS tracker, smartphones, tablets, BLE-displays
  • quick installation process without cabling, also no risk of cable vandalism
  • does not require power supply from external power source – built-in battery
  • Core features of DUT-E sensors with cables: shortening/extending length of measuring probe, automatic temperature correction and compensation of ambient temperature effect, screen filter, bottom spring and other.
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