S6 Telematics interface allows creating a network of up to 16 fuel level sensors

S6 Technology — development by Technoton based on SAE CAN j1939 standard for connection of a large variety of telematics hardware. Main elements of S6 Technology are: CAN j1939/S6 Telematics interface and S6 cabling system. Telematics interface standardizes types of messages sent, and provides 100% compatibility of each telematics device, S6 cabling system allows easy hardware connection and configuration.

S6 Technology is used in sea and river watercrafts telematics, monitoring systems of railway machines, quarrying and mining machinery, powerful diesel generators, boilers, burners. Such machinery has several engines, CAN buses, fuel tanks and numerous package units and assemblies — S6 Technology allows creating a network of up 8 DFM CAN fuel flow meters and 8 DUT-E CAN fuel level sensors connected simultaneously.

But a short time ago Technoton has started a new project on installation of fuel monitoring system on a fuel replenishment tanker, that intended mounting of:

A vessel constitutes a fuel replenishment tanker, which loads fuel tanks of marine vessels with diesel fuel. There are 2 vessel engines, 3 diesel generators, 2 fuel storages of own consumption, 8 fuel tanks – intended to fuel extradition, on a fuel replenishment tanker. Installation of vessel telematics system is aimed at fuel volume, refuelling and fuel draining monitoring in fuel storages (of own consumption) and in 8 special fuel tanks – intended to fuel extradition. Over and above, operation time and fuel consumption monitoring of vessel engines and diesel generators provide fuel theft prevention and gives the owner of vessel accurate data for implementing clear fuel and lubricant materials accounting and creating maintenance schedule based on hours worked/litres.

Telematics system set of fuel replenishment tanker

Forasmuch as each sensor has a unique address in a network, to enhance functionality of S6 bus Technoton development engineers have increased the range of DUT-E CAN addresses by two times. Now fuel level sensors may have network addresses 91-98 and 101-108. That means that CAN j1939/S6 Telematics interface currently allows creating a network of up to 16 fuel level sensors within one vehicle or stationary object. Ultimately, the project «fuel monitoring of fuel replenishment tanker» was implemented. Now new features of S6 bus may be used for other projects in the field of advanced machinery telematics. 

If you want to connect more than 8 DUT-E CAN fuel level sensors in single telematics system based on S6 – update firmware upgrade up to 10/2 version and carry out adjustment with the help of new utility software. Soon DUT-E fuel level sensors with 10.2 firmware upgrade are going to enter the market. 

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