Семинар Технотон "Телематика сложных машин" в Санкт-Петербурге

“Advanced vehicle telematics” series of Workshops is continued

Two “Advanced vehicle telematics” Workshops in one day, but in different countries? Easy!
Last week, on December 11th, Technoton hosted two Workshops in different cities – Kiev (Ukraine) and Saint Petersburg (Russia).
Record high attendance this year, the same way as in the past, keeps Kiev – more than 70 participants attended the event! A lot of topics were discussed during the day: reading and integrating CAN bus data into a vehicle monitoring system, displaying data from standard units and additional sensors for fuel monitoring on the in-cabin CAN-display, industry-specific telematics solutions by Technoton (water transport, agricultural equipment, …) examples of practical prementioned of S6 Technology in monitoring complex objects

On the same day, in St. Petersburg, the main topic of the day was new Technoton’s development – S7 Technology for wireless data collection from telematics sensors via BLE (Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth 4.x). News about fully autonomous fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters and axle load sensors, which are sending signal without any signal cable, were enjoyed by integrators of vehicle telematics systems. At the final of Workshop, a practical training was held: Workshop participants participants were assembling and configuring telematics system using S6 and S7 Technologies.

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– January 23 Kazan
– January 23 Almaty
– January 29, Bucharest

Feedback about the seminar:

“I am very grateful to the organizers of the Workshop. I liked the form of the event very much – discussion, live communication. There was a lot of interesting and useful information. Nothing superfluous, everything is just in essence. Pleasant, easy communication and possibility to ask questions and get competent answers. Theoretical material is supported by numerous examples from practice, in convenient and understandable form of material presentation, supported by high-quality handouts. Clear for me, that the speakers are experts in their field.”

Alexander Malenko, Ukrproftrans, Commercial Director

“The organization of the Workshop is excellent. High-quality visuals. Interesting reports. The opportunity to see live product samples. It is worth to note the practical training in the end of the Workshop.”

Maxim Kabinetskiy, JSC NPP Aviation and Marine Electronics, DCS sector Chief

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