“Advanced vehicle telematics” Workshop in Belgrade.

Technoton's Workshop in Belgrade
Technoton’s Workshop in Belgrade

On Tuesady 19.02.2019 we had the Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia. That was the first workshop in English from the whole “Advanced Vehicle Telematics” Workshop series.

The guests split in three groups: fuel monitoring system integrators for heavy-duty machinery, telematic system providers  for watercrafts/water transport and GPS tracking system integrators, who are focused on CAN bus data reading and integration.

First group was very interested in CAN-displays MasterCAN Display35 and DFM Industrial flow meters. Second group was aimed on getting more information about DFM Marine fuel flow meters.  The third group was curious about using MAsterCAN Tool analyser for finding and parsing set and contents of CAN J1939/71 message.

And of course everyone were waiting for the part of the Workshop, where we introduced S7 Technology. This parе of the Workshop described the principles of S7 Technology, and the products – DUT-E S7, DFM S7, GNOM S7.

One of the features of “Advanced vehicle telematics” Workshop is practical training, where the guests can assemble and configure telematics system using S6 Technology. The training allows to see, that configuration of sensors over S6 Technology make the whole installation process much more clear and easier,

“Advanced vehicle telematics” Workshop shown the guests, which solutions can Technoton offer for fuel and operational data monitoring of complex machinery – agricultural and construction machinery, sea & river vessels, technological machines, gensets and diesel-generator stations.

We feel, that first in 2019 Workshop in English was great! Our team invites you to  the following Workshops:

— March 5, Moscow (in Russian)
— March 5, Dubai
— March 19, Bucharest
— April 17, Prague

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