Innovative wireless fuel level sensor DUT-E S7 now is available for order!


Technoton finished developent and testing of wireless fuel level sensor DUT-E S7. Now DUT-E S7 is in stock and available for order!

Innovation of DUT-E S7 by Technoton is wireless data transfer using S7 Technology via BLE-channel. No cables anymore! Fuel level sensor installation has become much easier and quicker.

The signal can be received both to vehicle tracker and to a smartphone –  Fuel tank monitor mobile application, which is downloaded from Google Play, is used for displaying data. Now, the driver can also benefit from fuel tank monitoring – e.g. check volume of fuel refill at gas station or configure alarm for the case of fuel theft at night parking.

5 advantages of DUT-E S7 wireless sensor:

  • Operation in BLE-radio mode, data is sent to several devices at the same time: telematics unit /GPS tracker, smartphones, tablets, BLE-displays
  • Quick installation process without cabling, also no risk of cable vandalism
  • Built-in battery – sensor does not require power supply from external power source
  • Can be used in explosive environments – it has certificate “On the Safety of Equipment for Operation in Explosive Environment
  • Core features of DUT-E sensors with cables: shortening/extending length of measuring probe, automatic temperature correction and compensation of ambient temperature effect, screen filter, bottom spring and other.

Order DUT-E S7 right now to have fast delivery.

DUT-E S7 wireless fuel level sensor in fuel tank

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