Wireless BLE telematics in focus. BLE solution use cases – joint webinar of Technoton and Teltonika

Compatibility of Bluetooth 4.X sensors developed by Technoton with Teltonika’s telematics units allows telematics solution providers to install on-board equipment quicker and with less labor costs, send data using BLE-radio to a GPS tracker and smartphone/tablet simultaneously, ensure explosion- and fire-safety of GPS tracking system.

We invite you to join the webinar to find out more on:

  1. Advantages of using wireless BLE hardware for telematics
  2. Particular BLE telematics devices:
    DUT-E S7 – wireless fuel level sensor
    DFM S7 – wireless flow meters
    GNOM S7 – wireless axle load sensors
  3. Teltonika telematics units with BLE
  4. Areas of application and machinery types, where BLE-solutions are relevant
  5. Tasks solved and use cases/project examples
  6. Configuration procedure in brief, how to start and what manuals to use

Join our webinar on January 28, 2021 at 02:00 PM (GMT + 2) and find out more on advatnages of using BLE sensors in telematics, areas of appliaction and use cases.

Broadcast language: English

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