New era in telematics: wireless BLE-sensors by Technoton

Wireless sensors with BLE

Wires in telematics are being pushed out by wireless technologies, which significantly simplify technician’s work, reduce installation efforts, and expand capabilities of telematics system providers.

One of the wireless technologies spreading nowadays is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, Bluetooth 4.X).

Advantages of BLE sensors for telematics:

  • Quicker and more simple installation, no spent time and efforts for cabling
  • Wireless can be used on machinery without on-board power network
  • Explosion protection and fire safety, without external protection units
  • Increased resistance to vandalism, no cable – no possibility of damage

Wireless sensors by Technoton

In 2019, Technoton developed S7 Technology for wireless data gathering from telematics devices. Core feature of S7 Technology is units’ operation in BLE-radio mode.

Advantages of Technoton sensor based on S7 Technology

  • Built-in battery, no power/data cable needed
  • Data transmission over BLE-radio to many devices simultaneously: GPS tracker, smartphones, tablets, in-cabin displays
  • Operation without pairing with signal receiver – no risk of disconnection and inability to reconnect or connect to “wrong” telematics unit
  • One-way data broadcasting – sensors are protected from configuration changes; configuration profiles are stored in receivers
  • Compatibility with Technoton equipment, which uses S6 Technology – wireless devices can be combined with CAN j1939/S6 units within one telematics system
  • Mobile apps for creating configuration profiles of sensors and displaying data on smartphone/tablet
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