Ukrainian company “AUTODOZOR” has become an official Technoton Dealer


Ukrainian company “AUTODOZOR” — one of the market leaders in the field of vehicle monitoring systems in Ukraine, has become an official Technoton Dealer.

The main profile of the company is software development, sales and installation of hardware and devices for GPS tracking, fuel monitoring, route and location tracking.

Industries, in which the company carries on an activity: construction, trade, agriculture, utilities, taxi fleets, and cargo transportation enterprises.

Our cooperation with “AUTODOZOR” started in 2016. The first projects were dedicated to equipping fleets with fuel level sensors DUT-E.

For 3 years of collaborative work being a partner, “AUTODOZOR” has installed fuel volume sensors, pulse and interface DFM flow meters, and Crocodile contactless readers by Technoton on a large number of vehicles and has equipped many vehicle fleets in the agricultural industry.


Firmly convinced of the high quality of Technoton products, “AUTODOZOR” recently  has become an official dealer of Technoton products in Ukraine. These products are already on the company’s website:

  • Fuel level sensor DUT-E
  • Fuel level sensor DUT-E GSM
  • Fuel level sensor DUT-E 2Bio
  • Fuel flow meter DFM
  • Differential fuel flow meter DFM D
  • Fuel flow meter DFM Marine

We greatly appreciate the cooperation and hope that continued collaboration will allow us to achieve even better results!

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