DFM has got better: top cover from polymer composite, data transfer via BLE and another 7 updates

Fuel flow meter DFM – reliable telematics hardware for fuel monitoring, that has proven its quality over 16 years, – has got better with a top cover made of thermoplastic – polymer composite, based on virgin polyamide 6, filled with ends of fibers from the glass.

A change in design was developed in order to append additional protection against condensate formation and increase body resistance to mechanical loads. Thermoplastic contains a heat stabilizer, material is chemically resistant to the action of hydrocarbons and mineral oils.

Top advantages of DFM fuel flow meter with top cover made of polymer composite:

  • Increased body resistance to mechanical loads
  • Additional ventilation inside DFM body
  • Increased protection against condensate formation when temperature changes take place
  • Reduced product weight
  • Improved dielectric properties of hardware’s body
  • Better appearance due to sealing with a stamp inside the screws

Fuel counters and wireless fuel flowmeters with top cover from polymer composite

7 updates of DFM and DFM D fuel counters during 2019

  1. DFM CAN operation according to NMEA 2000 protocol
  2. New resettable Counters of total fuel consumption and time of operation for flow meters with displays
  3. Feature of correcting the differential fuel consumption using the correction coefficients by specific modes of operation
  4. Mobile application to configure the flowmeter via Bluetooth
  5. Compatibility Declarations with trackers: Navtelecom, Bitrek, NaviTreck, Omnicomm, ArusNavi, Galileosky, Falcom, Ruptela
  6. Certificate E28 of E-mark International Standard
  7. Declaration of Conformity with the European RoHS Directive

The novelty product in 2019 – the first fuel flow meter with Bluetooth on the telematics market

Mobile application for wireless fuel flow meter

Innovation of fuel counter DFM S7 by Technoton is wireless data transfer using S7 Technology via BLE-channel. Wireless fuel flow meter sends data to several devices at the same time: telematics unit /GPS tracker, smartphones, tablets, BLE-displays.

And other advantages:

  • Quick installation and set up of fuel flow meter
  • Easy mounting without cabling
  • Increased resistance to vandalism, no cable – no possible damage to wires
  • Explosion- and fire-safety of sensor, powered by built-in battery only

Need to install fuel flow meter?

You are welcome to our office in Minsk to undergo Technical training on vehicle monitoring hardware installation or order Installation Supervision, and we will come to any region to train your specialists. You can also contact us and we will tell you, where the nearest certified DFM installers in your area are.

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