Fuel flow meter for agricultural machinery

DFM flowmeter for agriculture

Tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural machines mainly operate in severe conditions from fuel monitoring point of view: mixed engine operation cycles, short time intervals of machinery operation, rough terrain and fuel fluctuations in tank.

DFM fuel flow meter — a tool for diesel fuel consumption measurement and engine operating time monitoring — is designed taking into conditions of vehicles’ operation.

DFM is installed directly into engine fuel lines, what ensures accuracy of fuel measurement data in any operation conditions and engine work mode, and regardless of fuel tank shape.

Benefits from implementing DFM for fuel measurement of agricultural vehicles

  • Accurate fuel consumption monitoring in short operation periods, when fuel level in tank changes insignificantly.
  • Reliable fuel consumption data when vehicle moves over the rough terrain and fuel level in tank is unstable.
  • Recording real machine-hours and fuel consumption in “Idling”, “Optimal”, “Overload” engine work modes.
  • Remote engine fuel line health diagnostics based on instant fuel usage rates.
  • Preventing fuel theft from return fuel line and recognizing data tampering attempts.

In addition, fuel consumption measurement inside engine fuel lines saves technical support team’s time and eliminates issues like false fill-ups and draining, which can occur if volume of fuel used is calculated from fuel level change inside a tank.

Advantages of DFM design and functions

DFM fuel flow meter

  1. Built-in battery, non-volatile storage of readings in the internal memory in the absence of an onboard network.
  2. Detailed information in the output interface: Counters of instant consumption, total consumption and duration of operation, consumption and operating time in “Idling”, “Optimal”, “Overload” engine working modes, temperature and so on.
  3. Protection against data tampering: special “Tampering” and “Interference” Counters.
  4. Convenient installation: mounting bracket, high-quality set of mounting elements.
  5. High accuracy of fuel consumption measurement, does not depend on the shape and size of a fuel tank, or operating conditions of a vehicle.

One-chamber fuel flow meter

Two-chamber fuel flow meter

Wireless DFM fuel flow meter

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