FMSCrocodile Contactless reader-converter
Бесконтактный считыватель-преобразователь FMSCrocodile


Contactless FMS gateway

FMSCrocodile is used within for vehicle telematics system as a ready-made solution for safe integration of data from one or more automotive buses into CAN/S6 Telematics Interface. FMSCrocodile allows to obtain a large number of vehicle operating parameters via just one CAN-port of telematics unit.

FMSCrocodile CCAN safely reads CAN bus data without any electrical contact with CAN wires, automatically generates and sends FMS and Telematics messages to its output CAN 2.0B interface (J1939 protocol). Thus, telematics unit configuration is simplified since unnecessary data from the bus is filtered and only useful information for vehicle telematics purposes is sent.

Fuel consumption fms


Sending FMS and Telematics messages from CANbus to telematics bus

Sending FMS messages from two standard CAN buses to a single CAN-port of telematics unit

Protecting CAN bus from active requests sent by telematics unit

Fuel consumption counter based on standard CANbus instant fuel rate data

Advantages of FMS Crocodile


Sending ready-to-use telematics messages

FMSCrocodile reads CANbus data of vehicle and sends processed FMS and Telematics messages. Further message analysis and parsing is not needed.

Allows association of data from several CANbuses

Several units of FMSCrocodile, which are reading data from different CAN buses, can be interconnected with each other in order to send data to just one CAN-port of telematics unit.

CANbus protection

FMSCrocodile’s contactless way of connection to wires protects CANbus from signal reversal, CANbus is protected from intentional or accidental active requests of telematics unit.

FMSCrocodile for fuel consumption monitoring

FMSCrocodile can be used as a fuel counter. This feature is useful for vehicles, which do not provide fuel consumption data per trip, while instant fuel consumption data is available.

Contactless FMS-gateway receives instant fuel consumption from CANbus and computes fuel consumption from engine start. Output message is per J1939 standard.

Any telematics unit, which has CAN 2.0B (SAE J1939) port can be used.

Sending FMS messages from two CAN buses to tracking devices

FMSCrocodile for sending data from CANbus to CAN/S6

FMSCrocodile can be used for CANbus data integration into CAN/S6 telematics interface. That allows to connect wide number of peripheral devices – fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters and other – to a single CAN-port of telematics unit. This way of connection ensures safe and simple vehicle operation parameters gathering.

Secure integration of standard onboard bus CAN and S6 Telematics interface use of FMSCrocodile CCAN
Safe integration of standard onboard bus CAN and S6 Telematics interface using FMSCrocodile

Any telematics unit, which has CAN 2.0B (SAE J1939) port can be used.

Received telematics data

FMSCrocodile resends FMS messages, which contain useful information – vehicle operating parameters:

  • Instant and trip fuel consumption
  • Total fuel consumption
  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Fuel level in tank
  • Engin temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil level

In total – over 100 vehicle parameters.

FMSCrocodile generates and sends Telematics messages – proprietary messages, which contain most important data. That data will be sent to telematics unit even if FMS is not available for particular vehicle.

  • Engine speed
  • Engine Fuel Rate
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Actual Engine – Percent Torque
  • Engine Coolant Level
  • Engine Oil Level
  • Engine Total Hours of Operation

In total – 16 most essential parameters.

Nominal supply voltage, V 10 … 45
Operation temperature range, °С -40 … +85
Current consumption, mA (24 V/12 V), not more 40
Weight, g, not more than 100
Level of message losses, %, not more 1
Input interface CAN (SAE J1939)
Output interface CAN j1939/S6 (FMS/Telematics)
Example of report generated in ORF 4 sofware, based on the FMSCrocodile CCAN data
Example of report generated in ORF 4 sofware, based on the FMSCrocodile CCAN data

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