Technoton products are compatible with Garmin chartplotter


Technoton has completed compatibility testing of MasterCAN S7 NMEA data converter and Garmin GPSmap 1022xsv chartplotter (sonar, display) using NMEA 2000 protocol. The combined use of products is intended for sea and river vessels: small and medium-sized private, fishing and work ships. This provides additional opportunities for live fuel rate monitoring, determining the cruising range, planning refueling, as well as retrofitting ships with a telematics system with the ability to transfer data to server.

DFM S7 wireless flow meter is used for fuel control in this compatibility. It is also possible to use DFM Marine S7 flow meter for heavy machinery. Data from  DFM S7 flow meter is sent to MasterCAN S7 NMEA data converter using the Bltooth wireless transmission technology. Data is transmitted via CAN interface (using  NMEA2000 protocol) to the chartplotter. This allows for instant control on Garmin GPSmap 1022xsv screen.


The following parameters from DFM S7 fuel flow meter are shown by Garmin display:

  • hourly fuel consumption (for single-chamber DFM S7 flow meter) or differential hourly consumption (for differential DFM S7 fuel flow meter);
  • flow meter operation time (Engine hours);
  • fuel temperature (availability depends on Garmin display model).

Tehnoton and Garmin connection scheme

DFM S7, DFM DS7 — new type of fuel flow meters with wireless data transfer over BLE (Bluetooth low energy). Data on fuel consumption (fuel rate) and vehicle operation time is sent simultaneously to several devices: for telematics and remote machinery monitoring purposes – to GPS tracker, for autonomous fuel monitoring – to a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth.


DFM Marine S7 — is a fuel/oil flow meter used for heavy machinery and measures flow rates up to 4,000 L/h. It provides information on fuel consumption and machinery operation hours, including breakdown to various operation modes. DFM Marine can be used as a part of telematics or GPS tracking systems, as well as autonomous solution for fuel monitoring.

dfm marine s7
Garmin GPSmap

Garmin GPSmap 1022xsv — combined chartplotter device with Garmin and NMEA 2000 network connectivity. The device provides display and exchange of information from sonar, maps, user data, open or closed type radar readings, with support for other modern navigation functions.

Declaration of compatibility of Technoton products with Garmin chartplotter

Declaration of Compatibility is signed between MasterCAN S7 NMEA data converter and Garmin GPSmap 1022xsv chartplotter (sonar, display).

Setup manual is available for download in our Document Center.

Declaration of Compatibility between Technoton and Garmin
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