Technoton took part in Gitex 2023 exhibition last week 🥳

GITEX 2023 global technology exhibition successfully completed last week in Dubai. Our team also took part in this large-scale event. Technoton presented “Diesel generators Telematics” stand and some products of the company: DFM wireless fuel flow meter, DFM Marine flow meter for heavy machinery, DUT-E 2Bio differential fuel level sensor and also DUT-E SAU fuel supply automation unit. We discussed topics such as: how fuel consumption and tank monitoring can prevent fuel theft; how engine hours and performance monitoring can improve fleet efficiency. And we also talked about predictive maintenance to reduce costs and improve vehicle efficiency.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our booth, engaged in insightful discussions, and explored the future of telematics with us at Gitex 2023! We’re also pleased to share with you photos from the event. See you soon 😉

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Visit us at MINEX 2023 exhibition: see practical telematics and fuel monitoring solutions in action at booth B212

Date: 13-16 September 2023, Location: Izmir, Turkey, Booth: B212 Fuel efficiency is especially important for huge machinery used in the mining industry. High-power engines burn lots of fuel, making fuel bills rocketing to the sky. Thus, reducing fuel misuse and improving fuel economy are on the top of fleet managers' to-do list. At MINEX 2023, [...]

Monitoring of vehicles and stationary equipment via CAN bus

CAN bus is essentially a communication channel within vehicles and stationary machinery, facilitating signal exchange between Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and other devices. When we talk about "CAN bus," we're usually referring to the entirety of the CAN J1939 standard, and in the context of commercial transport, we're specifically referencing the upper layer CAN J1939/71. [...]

DFM DA: remove air from fuel lines

😎 Novelty again! This time - a product that helps with the problem of fuel airing— DFM DA deaerator. Technical device is designed for fuel consumption monitoring systems, and is used to remove air from the fuel lines of diesel engines. DFM DA deaerator helps to: improve accuracy of the fuel consumption monitoring system, decrease wear of [...]

DUT-E SAU: automation of fuel supply pumps

🔥 Introducing our new product — DUT-E SAU fuel supply automation unit! Unit is designed for controlling fuelpump, it helps to automate supply of fuel from a reserve tank to the main tank of a diesel generator, heating equipment or boiler. DUT-E SAU: ensures uninterrupted operation of diesel-powered machinery eliminates the need for manual fuel pump [...]

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